How to Wear Costume Jewelry with Class

They don’t call it costume jewelry for nothing. You’re not loving them for the precious gold or gems that they’re not. When you think of buying costume jewelry, be aware of what you’re using it for. Yes, they are statement pieces. But even then, there are some pieces that just don’t belong in fashion.

The common practice of wearing costume jewelry is to pile them like there’s no tomorrow. If you’ve been wearing it this way, then you’re doing it wrong. Jewelry such as those that turn heads needs some very smart choices. Speaking of, here are smart ways to wear costume jewelry and look classy at the same time:

They’re NOT Real, so Don’t Treat them as Such

Costume jewelry is made with cheap materials such as imitation gems, not so precious metals and even ribbons, beads and such. They also tend to be larger than life pieces. It’s not a diamond ring that you must flaunt around to get attention. When you have a costume necklace, for example, don’t wear the most neck-hugging ones. It’s already a head-turning piece without you doing too much. You mustn’t act like you’re wearing too much gold on you.

One is a Smart Number

When it comes to costume jewelry, wearing one is enough. Don’t pile it like you wanted people to count how many you have on. The smartest choice you can make is to pick one awesome piece to wear at a time. However, that only pertains to costume pieces. You can pair those up with some other piece of jewelry like a studded pair of earrings that would complement the look you’re going for.

Don’t Go ‘Matchy-Matchy’

Perhaps, if there ever was a cardinal rule with regards to wearing costume jewelry, it’s this: Never wear matching pieces all at one time. If you’re wearing feathered earrings, don’t wear the same matching feathery necklace. You’re better off wearing 8 rings and 5 bracelets at once than go matchy matchy on your costume pieces. Yikes!

Play Dress Up and Nothing too Serious

If you have a love/hate relationship with the costume jewelry pieces you have, we understand. You probably just don’t know any better when you first picked out these things in vintage shops or flea markets. But what you have now are still good for dress up pieces only. Say, if you’re going to a party, wear a bright dress with an equally outstanding costume necklace.

Surely, that piece hanging on your neck wouldn’t look too outrageous on you. But never wear the same piece to a formal dinner party. Remember that.

Don’t think too seriously of your costume jewelry. But never underestimate the power of a feisty piece either. It just might grab the right attention!

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